Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting there...

I have now almost completed the backstitch on the main part of the picture, and just looking at it, it has come alive. I am so happy with it. I can feel the fact that the end is in sight - all I have to do next is stitch the flowers in the border, backstitch them and put in the birth details. Looks like I'll be on to the blue one for Jack pretty soon!

I haven't been able to get too much stitching done of late, which is a little disappointing but that's just the way life goes, especially with a 16 month old! Poor Little Miss is having a right old time of it at the moment. She's cutting bottom molars so is finding it difficult to get to sleep (hence no stitch time for me) and is grumpy during the day, making her even more clingy than normal. By the end of the day we're all exhausted. I do hope those teeth come through soon!

The past couple of days have been wonderful, weather-wise. I've even been wearing shorts - shock, horror! I think my lily-white legs must have blinded a few people LOL.It's amazing how much better you can feel about life when the weather is warm and the sun stays up longer. And it's great for the washing too!

Before I finish up, I'd just like to say how wonderful it feels to read your comments. Sometimes I might not get chance to respond to them but I love reading them, and I can hardly believe I have 9 followers now! I know it's not many compared to some, but I value each and every one of you. I didn't think anyone would be interested much in reading my ramblings so I'm glad that you all are. Thanks for making my day special :D


  1. Your stitching is coming along lovely. Can't wait to see the finished result and your new start on the blue one.

  2. I'm surprised you have ANY time to stitch with a toddler! My stitching took a backseat for years when the kids were tiny. It's so nice to do something just for you!

  3. Aww your little koala is looking so gorgeous Gayle, the backstitching has really made it come to life. I can't believe you have nearly finished, you will be onto Jack's in no time.

    I hope Caitlyn feels much better soon. xx

  4. It is looking great Gayle. I hope Caitlyn gets over the teething soon, poor little possum.

  5. Thanks ladies - lokks like it's going to be a rough couple of days, but she settles down well once the tooth has broken the surface.

    Natalie - I'm pretty lucky with Little Miss, she's (usually) a good sleeper so once I put her to bed at 7.30pm, the night is mine. I usually ignore the housework as much as possible so I can get some stitchy time in - I lost my bug for a while so I am making the most of it whilst it is here! ;)