Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pink is done!

This weekend I finshed the pink on the border - woohoo! :D I counted that once the border is completely stitched, there will be nearly 3500 stitches in it... That just blows my mind - it's such a small design for that number of stitches....

After all my grumblings of how much the pink was annoying me (probably due to the boredom of straight lines all the time) I am very pleased with how it is looking. I am even becoming a little partial to this tone of pink, but Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone! :P

It feels like I am on the home stretch now - just a bit more filling in, and then on to the backstitch I go! I think I am going to finish the main part of the design before stitching the flowers in the border. I think it'll be hard to say goodbye to this one when the other one is also stitched...

Hubby has also made a little progress on his stitching:

Gotta convince him to get his own blog so he can give more details about it, but I think he is doing well. :)

This weekend has been a bit hit and miss... Hubby organised to take Little Miss to his mum and dad's for a couple of nights to give them some quality time with her and for me to get a break. It was great in theory and the first few hours were pretty good. I had a couple of the girls over for a stitchy meet, so we got a chance to stitch and chat as long as we wanted - especially with the clocks having gone forward on Saturday night, it seemed like the daylight was going to last fgorever! We had a great time - it almost seems like old times, pre Little Miss. It was once everyone left that it seemed weird. The house was soooo quiet! I ended up staying up til about midnight watching a bit if TV and eventually doing some more stitching. I thought it would be lovely to have a lie in the next morning, but apparently my body clock thought otherwise and I was awake at 7am! I fought with it and took ages to go back to sleep and finally got up around 9.45am. The whole of yesterday was very bizarre. Not having to clean up the lounge room every five minutes, having lunch and dinner by myself - I even cooked Stroganoff for myself as hubby doesn't like mushrooms. By the time dinner had ended I couldn't be in the house by myself any more so I went out to visit my friend, Bek. It was good to get out of the house and have some good company and do some more stitching! I came home around 10.30pm and again stayed up late - it was after 1am when I turned out the light. Thankfully I slept until 9.30am this morning so that was good. Hubby and Little Miss arrived back late morning and it was so good to see them. As soon as Little Miss was in my arms she was waving to hubby as if to say "I have Mummy now, I don't need Daddy any more". It's lovely but I feel bad for him when she does that.

They both had a great time away, and I am sure it will be something that will be done more regularly. Maybe next time I will feel better about it too :)


  1. I love the pink border. Well done for getting it finished. Your husband's stitching is coming along a treat.

  2. What a lovely finish. Your husband's stitching is coming along nicely.

  3. Great work on that border Gayle and hubbys wip is looking great!

  4. Your sampler is coming along wonderfully Gayle, well done! The border I must admit is super cute. But I agree, so many stitches in there.:-)

    Daniel is doing so well on his stitching too, he should do a blog it would be popular. :-)

  5. Whenever DH and the kids are away I always stay up much later than what I would normally LOL!! Both wips are looking great.