Saturday, January 19, 2013

New stash

On Tuesday I had a "nice postie day" after my stash arrived. I ordered from Laurel's Stitchery when they had a 40% off sale on NYE. I was so happy with the prices and now have some awesome pieces to add to my "to do" pile. With that kind of a discount, it made sense to get a few things. Most of them had been on my wishlist for a while too, and it felt good to be spending money on myself for a change. Usually I think of Little Miss first, and then hubby so I hardly ever spend any money on myself.

It's so exciting when new stash comes in, that it's taking all my willpower at the moment to not stitch them. I have promised myself that I will get my current WIP's and UFO's tackled first, before I start anything else. I have been stitching a little bit lately but not enough to post any progress reports. I have just set myself up a little stitchy area in our front room though, so I'm hoping I'll get more achieved. I was finding that whilst it was nice to stitch in the lounge, I would too easily get distracted by the tv, and for a whole night's stitching session I might only have got half an hour of actual stitching done... I'll take a picture of my new set-up soon (once it's been tweaked a bit) and post about it.

I am sooooo excited that I have booked in our stitchy retreat too. We're going at the end of July to a place just outside Daylesford. We went last year and it was awesome! The place is completely set up for crafters so the lighting is amazing and made it possible for us to stay up til 3.30am stitching! It is set up to such a high standard and everyone was thoroughly impressed at what we got for the money we paid. I'm so looking forward to spending time with friends doing nothing but stitching, laughing and eating! ;)


  1. Getting new stash is the best! It does take willpower not to start stitching new stitchy toys though. Look forward to seeing your stitch set up! The retreat will be lovely!

  2. Nothing beats new stash. I am really looking forward to the retreat.