Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy birthday Buster!

OK, so no stitching to show off, but I just had to add in a picture of my gorgeous Beagle, Buster. He turned 5 today and he's soooo much more mellow than he used to be. Having said that, he caught a bird today.... Hubby heard the commotion of all the other birds screeching and went out to investigate. He managed to get Buster to drop the bird, and once I had the dog safely locked inside, hubby went to see what the damage was. The bird was able to hop around and try and fly so it was difficult to help it out, as well as 2 other birds trying to protect it from him (they obviously thought he was going to hurt it rather than help it). The best he could do was use a bucket to help it over the fence - and get it away from the dog - and hope it managed to fly away after recovering from it's ordeal. Here's the innocent looking attacker on his big day anyway (exhausted from all the excitement!)
Slightly stitchy related (grasping at straws now!), when a few of us get together for a monthly stitchy meet, we all bring something edible to share. I spotted the front cover of Super Food Ideas and thought I might give it a go. It's a Choc Mallow Jelly Slice and it'll take a day or two to put together due to the need to chill each layer but hoping it'll turn out alright. Of course, hubby thinks I'll need a practice run (or two!) so will be attempting this one later in the week. Looking forward to it, and seeing how well it goes down at the meeting next month ;)
This picture isn't fab, but I'll be taking a pic of my efforts once completed :D

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  1. So great to see you updating your blog hun.
    Happy 5th birthday Buster. Hope you get lots of doggie treats today.
    Ooh that slice looks yummy!! You can trial it on me on saturday if you want hun. :) haha..