Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lizzie*Kate update

I feel as though I have made a lot of progress on this design over the past week or so. It feels like it won't be long before I am finishing it off either. It's been a while since I have had a finish, so it's a bit exciting!

I ended up fixing the mistake too - I decided on taking out the top row and moving it up, and stitching an extra row on the bottom of the oblong too. I think it looks ok, and if I had left it and moved the bottom up one, I think it would have looked too squashed.

I'm really enjoying using the speciality threads now too. The effect is subtle but good. Just a little more time consuming, and I have to keep reminding myself to cross the stitches individually rather than doing a whole row at a time!


  1. Your L*K is looking brilliant!

  2. Oh wow, you have stitched so much since I last saw it. It looks great and I can't even see the mistake. Can't wait to see it on Sunday so I can see the speciality threads up close.

  3. I am so glad that you stopped by my blog and left a comment, so good to hear from you!!. WOW at Caitlyn being 15 months old, they grow up too fast. Your LK piece is looking great and well done on the weight loss ((((HUGS))))

  4. Gayle your LK is looking fab, aren;t the threads just gorgeous!

  5. Thanks ladies :) I love how the L*K design has turned out - glad you like it too.

    Jo - so glad we've managed to catch up on here! :D