Monday, August 9, 2010

A new WIP

I think I've decided to give WTP a rest for a little while, until I summon the courage to sort out the mistake I have made on him. So, now I have another project that was previously started and ended up getting put to one side (as it is for me, and it was put aside to stitch for others as is always the case!) that I would like to finish. I did want to start on one of the charts I recently got at the show, but most of them required 32ct or 28ct (of which I had neither) and the only ones I did have material for were too large - I just wanted to do a small design. So, at about 9.30pm after texting my stitchy friend Belinda for most of the night, she convinced me to forget WTP and find another design. I looked everywhere for one that caught my fancy, and ended up settling on a Lizzie*Kate Giggle Boxer that reads "You can touch the dust but please don't write in it". I think it sums up this place very well! :P

I tried to be a bit fancy with the picture as I have noticed that on other blogs, people are very creative with their photography. Unfortunately, I am not a good photographer - I just have a "point and squirt" camera, but I am happy enough with it. This is the first project where I have used speciality threads (thanks Bek!) and it is taking a bit of getting used to, having to do the stitches one at a time. I'm sure the overall effect will be worth it in the end, but it just makes the stitching slower going, I think. I am looking forward to finishing a design that is just for me too, so I think I am going to enjoy this one!


  1. Good luck with your LK Gayle, it is looking great. I;m sure you will love stitching with the weeks and sampler threads, they are so pretty. Happy Stitching!

  2. Love the new blog hun, it's very you! :-) LK is looking pretty, I am glad I convinced you about WTP, it's not worth picking up something you are dreading. One day you will pick it up again when you are ready.

    I notice people are creative with their photos too, not sure how to do that either. :-)

    Maybe you and I should take a day trip to the needlepoint in Malvern one day to look at fabric if you need it. :-)

  3. Thanks ladies :D I am liking the effect that the Weeks threads are giving, they just make me a little nervous at the moment as I know I'm not going to be able to wash my piece after finishing, which is what I am used to doing.

    Belinda, the advice that you have given me is the reason why you are one of my closest friends :D And I would love to go to The Needlepoint one day with you (not sure if our husbands would be so enthusiastic about us being let loose in a stitchy shop though LOL) I knew you'd appreciate the new look blog too - I'm actually getting quite into playing around with the settings :D

  4. That is such a sweet comment, it made me smile. I feel the same about you. It's nice to hear such things once in awhile.
    Yes, not sure our husbands will be enthusiastic about the needlepoint but that's ok, you remember the sign we saw at the stitchy show 'your husband called, he said you can spend as much as you like' we will just think about that when we are there.

    By the way, before bub arrives maybe we could take a day trip to Ballarat and go to the stitchy shop together and have some lunch somwehere. Might be a good idea since I am finishing up work at Christmas time. :-)

  5. Hmmmm, can I handle a day trip to go to a stitchy shop? That's a difficult one! :P Sounds like a fab plan hun - as long as you're sure you want to travel that far at the end of your pregnancy... I'm not going to be filling in as a midwife! :P If you want to go beforehand, then let me know :)

    And LOL at the hubby comment - maybe we just won't tell them where we're going, eh? ;)

  6. I thought about that after I posted, I don't think I will feel comfortable travelling that far when I am so far along. Maybe we can find another time beforehand. Haha, I don't want you to be my midwife either, no offence. :-)