Thursday, August 12, 2010

A mistake or two

It seems that over the past couple of days, I have discovered a couple of mistakes... The first one I discovered was that I had miscounted my weight loss, and had actually lost 6.5lbs up to Wednesday, not 6lbs. Yippee! Then I weighed in and lost another 1.5lb making a total of 8lb in 4 weeks. Can't say I'm disappointed at that! :D In all, since the end of January, that makes almost one and a half stones - woohoo! :D

The other mistake, I discovered today. I have not counted correctly on my L*K design, but nothing disastrous. I am debating how to fix it up though (mistakes in my work is one of my pet peeves!) I have a one stitch gap between the border and the writing starting at the top, where there should be a gap of two. I am debating whether to a) decrease the gap at the bottom so that it's even or b) take out the row of stitching above the writing and move it up one, adding a row to the top and bottom of the rectangle on the left hand side... I just don't want it to look squashed if I take option a or out of place if I take option b... Decisions, decisions! I'll post an update picture soon too, as I have got as far as the word "please" :D


  1. Oh no, well at least the mistake on LK is easily fixed. What have you decided to do?

    Way to go on the weight loss!!

  2. Thanks hun! Just gotta keep it going now... I haven't decided on anything with sorting out the mistake on the stitching yet... Will decide when most of it is done. :)