Friday, September 10, 2010

Home Is...

I've had a couple of evenings this week, when for one reason or another, I haven't managed to stitch. Since I have got back inot my stitching, I have enjoyed stitching every evening. Not doing so this week has seemed a little strange. Still, I have managed to make some progress on the design I started stitching this week. (I didn't have chance to iron before taking the picture and have just realised how bad the creases look...) I just love how quickly Lizzie*Kate designs stitch up - they give you that sense of accomplishment so quickly. This is actually the third time of stitching this design, which I never thought I would do. Three friends of mine got married within 2 months earlier this year, and I wanted to stitch them something for it. They are also all stitchers so I figured they'd be stitching their own weddign samplers anyway, and I needed something quick to stitch but effective. I think the message says it all. :) I'll be personalizing it with names at the end too. One day I'll stitch it for myself but I think I might need to have a break from it for a while! Needless to say, none of them have actually reached their owners on time, but that's just me. I guess it's the thought that counts, eh?

I'm already looking forward to my next project - birth samplers for my best friend's twins. I have chosen 2 designs that are similar and compliment each other - one has a blue colour scheme and the other a pink one. I already have the fabric and threads (I bought Anchor especially as all my threads are DMC and this one was stitched with Anchor. It was in a magazine waaaaaay back when I used to get the stitching magazines. I think my purse and the lack of space in the house were two of the reasons why I stopped. Nothing to do with the fact that I'll never get around to stitching all the designs I have kept out of them - honest! :P


  1. Your home is..piece is looking lovely as always. I wonder who that is for? :-) It is so nice getting time to stitch every night isn't it? it's been awhile since I've stitched every night but it is so nice when I do.
    The baby samplers sound cute, you will have to show me.

  2. Thanks hun :) The piece is for a mutual friend - maybe one we'll be seeing soon, who knows? ;) I'm finding much more satisfaction out of stitching every night than when I was on Facebook every night - I now have something to show for my time! I'll bring the baby patterns with me on Monday so you can have a look :)

  3. Great start on Home Is. LK will always be one of my favourites. Look forward to seeing your baby piece.

  4. Lovely progress on your L*K Home. Can't wait to see your baby samplers. I have stitched three in the last couple of years and loved doing them.

  5. Thanks ladies :) I have finished the L*K now, just need to take a piccie. Also started on the baby sampler last night ;)

  6. Stitching is defo better than Facebook any day!!!!

    I must admit I really love Lizzie Kate designs as they are really effective but don't take so long to stitch

    Lizzie and Kate...I bow before you, I am not worthy lol

    Gail xx