Friday, September 3, 2010

Stitch in time update

All seems to be going pretty well with this little stitch. I am really enjoying working on 32 count again - it was a little daunting at first but I'm very happy with how it is turning out. As always though, the picture on the cover doesn't do justitce to the colours. Normally I find that the stitched design is brighter than the picture on the cover, but with this one it is the opposite - the colours look a lot darker in reality. Still, I am pleased with how it is turning out, and with any luck it'll soon be finished!

I think it helps that I have been making time for my stitching too. I had a stitchy friend, Bek, come over one evening this week and usually we just sit and chat and maybe show off our stitching but we both actually DID some stitching this time - shock, horror! She also very kindly got me 2 threads I was missing for the pattern - my local shop didn't have them in and it really frustrates me. I think it's mainly because when you go in and pick up a handful of threads they just scan one and multiply it by how many you have rather than scanning each one so the stoitck can get replenished. Grrrrr! Ayway, rant over... It was a great night and I love to stitch in company. I have also been taking my stitching to work with me to do in my lunch break seeing as it is such a small one. Half and hour here and there really does make a difference!


  1. You have made great progress there, well done. Glad to hear you and Bek have been getting in some stitching time. :-)

  2. Thanks hun - I'm looking forward to getting some stitching time in with you too! :D