Friday, September 3, 2010

Some finishes

Hubby and I decided that some of our stitching need to be framed this week, so we took a look at what was there. We came across hubby's very first stitched design, and he decided that it was small enough to put into a coaster, so here it is:

It's good to see it being put to use, and it is so neatly stitched - he must have had an excellent teacher! ;)

The next one is mine, and we took it to the framers. The lady there looked at it and said that it looked like it would fit into a standard frame, and it did! I think the colour of the frame really brings out the chocolate in the design. The mat came with the kit, and I think it looks perfect for it. I'm very happy with how it has turned out.

We also took my recent Lizzie*Kate finish in. I chose a dark frame with no mat, and the frame itself has a bit of a carved design. I'll hopefully be getting that back next Friday. I can't wait! Hubby chose to take his Concorde design in. It was his first evenweave design and it looks great. He chose a dark grey mat and a greeny grey metallic frame that compliments the plane perfectly. He's already chosen where he wants to hang it, so all we have to do now is wait for the phone call to say that it's ready.


  1. The coaster looks fantastic, Daniel must be very pleased. Now he can enjoy his cups of coffee on it. :-) Just tell him not to stand on it this time.

    Your mice one looks really great in that frame, And the matt does compliment it very well. The girls are great at that shop with advice.

  2. What a sweet coaster. Your DH did a great job.

    Love your mice! Love the saying.

  3. Thanks ladies. It's just good to get some things finished off at last. The mice are so cute, and I have to agree with the saying too!