Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stitch and slim update - finally!

Things have slowed down of late, which is why I haven't posted about my weight loss, but also because I want this blog to be primarily about my stitching, so there may only be a once in a while post about the weight. I am so happy with this week's progress though - I lost 4lb!!!! I'm not entirely sure how I did it, but I think I might have focused on the job in hand - I took my eye off the ball the previous week and had a little gain, but this week corrected that and then some! It brings my total since mid-July to 12.5lb when my friend and I decided to go for it, but the total since the end of January to 1st 11lb! There's still a long way to go, but I feel like I am actually getting somewhere this time.

I think it's also helped that I am trying to stitch every night to keep the munchies at bay. I have started on a Lizzie*Kate design that reads "Home is where our story begins". It's going to be a pretty quick stitch, I think, and I am already thinking about what I will stitch next. Maybe Jack or Megan's birth sampler. They are the twins of my best mate, Jane, and I think it's going to be difficult to choose which one to do first! Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.....

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