Monday, September 6, 2010

Another finish!

As you should be able to see, I finished stitching "A Stitch in Time". I actually finshed stitching this on Saturday night/Sunday morning (I was up at 3.30am stitching!) but have only just got around to taking a photo of it. Why was I up at that unusually early hour I hear you ask? Well, I blame the Melbourne weather. It was incredibly windy and raining quite hard, when I was awoken at 3.20am by the dog barking. Thank goodness we have a monitor for our daughter's room, or else I probably wouldn't have heard him! He had let himself out of his doggy door and gone to the front part of the yard. Unfortunately, the brick that is usually holding the gate open between the front and the back of the yard had not been put back, so the wind blew it closed and it locked. Poor Buster was out in the wind and rain with no shelter and no way of getting back in. No wonder he was barking! I have never seen him so happy to come into the house as when I opened the door. He was running around like a lunatic, barking, growling playfully and generally VERY HAPPY to be in a dry, warm place! He was pretty panicky too, so I decided to stay up with him to calm him down and settled myself on the couch with a blanket (after putting my daylight lamp on and getting my stitching out of course! I knew it was going to be a long night...) As soon as I was settled, Buster was on my lap - he took up the whole length of me! He didn't move for a good couple of hours, poor thing... Still, at least I managed to make good out of it and get some night time stitching done! ;)


  1. A stitch in time looks fantastic Gayle!! Well done on another great finish. I love that it's your header now too. Your needle most certainly is on fire.
    Aww poor Buster, the wind woke me a few times too but I was too tired to get up and stitch.

  2. Aww poor Buster. Congratulations on your great finish. Now whats

  3. Thanks Belinda - I'm just glad to have my stitchy bug back :D And don't worry, if it wasn't for a very nervous dog, I wouldn't have been up at 3.30am stitching either! :P

    Elaine - next one is already started! It's a Lizzie*Kate design which reads "Home is where our story begins" :)

  4. Thanks for coming over to visit at my blog, and for your lovely comment too :-)
    The purple fabric is from and the colour is Thalia.

  5. Thanks Sadie - I'll be sure to check it out :) And you're very welcome for the comment - your blog is lovely :D