Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My first post

So, I've been persuaded by my good friend Belinda to create a blog for my cross stitch. Well, here I am! I'm hoping that it's going to spur me on to do some more stitching as my stitchy bug has been AWOL for a while...

I have lots of stash to work my way through, and I am feeling like I am finally getting on top of my addiction - I haven't bought any new stash for quite some time. However, with the Quilt and Craft Show soon to hit Melbourne, I am not sure how long that is going to last. I am going with Belinda, and another friend, Cassie, too. I am looking forward to it, it should be a fun day. Of course, I can't promise not to buy any more stash - it's just so tempting! I have a pretty good method for controlling what I buy though. Another friend (Bek) and I take a notebook with us and note down everything we are interested in on our first circuit of the show. Then, when we stop for lunch we take the time to look through our list and choose only the things that we still really can't live without. It also makes it easier to navigate the show at it's busiest time if we only have a couple of stalls to go to. It's a shame that Bek can't come to this show - hopefully we'll be able to go together next year though!

Stitching wise, I have only just started picking it up again in the evenings, now that I have my daylight lamp organised. I have done a quick little Lizzie*Kate design which features the phrase "Home is where our story begins". I love stitching LK designs as they are quick and simple and come to life very fast. It's a good way to get back into stitching. Tonight I decided to pick up a WTP design that I started working on quite some time ago. It's from the Tigger movie and called "Let's Bounce". It's all the characters holding onto Tigger's tail to try and stop him bouncing. Very cute, and it'll probably end up in my daughter's room when it's finished.


  1. hello there good friend. :-) Glad to see your blog and first post! LOVE the background, it is so you..
    I can't wait for the show either.xx

  2. Thanks hun :D I couldn't resist it when I saw it - gotta have a piece of home around somewhere :P