Monday, July 19, 2010

Stitch and slim

I have decided recently that enough is enough, and I need to lose some weight. So, in true stitchaholic style, I am going to use my stitching to help me out! I figure that if I aim to be stitching every night, I will be much less likely to snack my way through the evening (who wants stains on their stitching?). I made a bit of a start on Thursday by swapping the sugar I was putting in my cups of tea for sweetner. I also swapped the Coco Pops at breakfast for Weetbix with banana. I tend to find that bread is one of my trigger foods, so I am aiming to cut back on that almost completely. I have re-discovered Cruskits with flavoured tuna for lunch too - yum!

A friend and I are going to be trying to do this weight loss thing at the same time, so hopefully we'll be support for each other - I find it so hard trying to be good by myself, and I think once the first few weeks are out of the way, it should get easier.

Hubby and I also took Caitlyn and our dog, Buster out for a walk this afternoon. Hopefully that'll start doing me good, and it'll certainly wear the dog out - we were out for 45 minutes today and he was so tired when we got home that he was trying not to fall asleep whilst he was sitting up! It was very cute. :D


  1. Good luck with your stitching and weight loss programme. Love your blog picture!

  2. Thanks Elaine - I'm determined to do it this time, but I think my stitching hours are going to be severley interupted now, as I have just got myself a full time job... Looks like I'll have to make each stitch count even more... :P I love the look of your blog, and I'm going to have a good old nosey around! :D