Monday, July 19, 2010

Stitchy meet

The stitchy meet I went to at Melody's house yesterday was fantastic. I'd almost forgotten how good it was to just sit and chat and stitch and eat yummy foods! There was me, Belinda, Melody, Cassie and Melody's very cute 9 month old daughter so there was plenty of chatter going on. I got a little bit stitched on my WTP design, so I made progress but not much. I think because of all the fractionals I probably need to do that at home and take a simpler piece to the stitchy meet.

I can't believe that there was so much sweet stuff to munch our way through - too much probably! I took my slice, Belinda baked a banana bread with a caramel topping, Cassie bought Lammingtons and Melody supplied Oreos and cupcakes. Thank goodness she also supplied salsa with celery and carrot for dipping! I'm thinking next time, I might do something savoury for a change. I only have a few weeks to decide what I'm doing though as the next one is mid-August. Bring it on! :D

1 comment:

  1. The stitch meet was such a fun day, especially all the yummy food. I am glad you and Daniel liked my banana bread. Adrian also enjoyed your slice.
    It's good to be getting stitching done, I am glad you are getting time in every night.