Saturday, July 24, 2010

Progress report

Well, the first week of stitch and slim is down, with mixed results. I managed to lose 2.5lbs this week, which I am really chuffed with. Hopefully I'll do the same next week, and get on to a cracking start. I actually looked at my diary from the beginning of the year, and since January 25th, I have dropped 1st 1lb altogther. Not bad, at all. Can't believe I didn't end up putting that weight back on, but I'm not going to argue with it. Maybe looking after Caitlyn has stopped me from regaining. Who knows? I have really enjoyed some of the nice things I have had this week, and feel satisfied that I am making healthier choices.

On the stitching front, things haven't been doing so well. I only picked it up on Wednesday when I went to visit Cassie for some stitching time. I was happily stitching along, and then discovered that I had made a mistake. So what do I do? Not what I should have done, lol! I should have worked out where the mistake was, but I haven't been brave enough to find out how much I have to rip out. Instead, I went to another part of the pattern and started some backstitch :P No doubt I'll brave it soon, when I can sit and concentrate on it, and I'll post another picture soon too.

My stitching time is about to get rudely interrupted though, as I have just got myself a full time job, starting on Monday. I am going to be sooo tired for the first couple of weeks that I don't think I'll be stitching much during the week. I might get chance at the weekends though, if I am lucky.

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