Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stitching time

I am very happy that the past few nights, I have made time to do some stitching :D This is mainly because I have decided not to go on the computer once I have put my daughter to bed. I was finding that once it was on, it was on all night and I didn't get anything else done. It feels good to be free from it, and to be able to spend my time more constructively. One of the nights was hubby's night off work, so he was catching up on some TV whilst I stitched. It felt less anti-social than us both being on different computers. My next goal is to find my iPod and listen to some podcasts while I stitch. Now that would be my idea of indulging myself for the evening!

My Winnie The Pooh design is coming along, although I am finding the progress slower than I'd like due to it being on 18 count. I'm so used to stitching on 14 count and the stitches covering a larger area. It also makes it more difficult for those pesky fractional stitches... I am pleased with how it's looking though, and hope to post a picture soon.

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